Memories, Thoughts and Comments

Mom and DadShare your memories of Shirley, your thoughts, and any comments you may want to make here.100_1531_lg

  • Rod Weston

    I was going to Lane Community College, living in a small studio apartment nearby. I had caught a mouse in the apartment and put it in a large glass jar, preparing to release it outside. My parents came to visit and Mom was sitting on the floor near the jar – she was not aware of what was in the jar. Suddenly, after quite some time, she glimpsed the mouse and immediately screamed and crawled across the floor of the apartment at an incredibly fast rate of speed. Denise, Dad and I had a great laugh about it. Mom wasn’t so amused.

  • Vicki

    I have known the Weston family for an extended period of time. I met them through Kathy who I went to school with. We have some great memories. Shirley was an awesome person and will be greatly missed.

    Vicki Lyons

  • Doug Smart

    In 1964 my family moved to Roseburg. I think it was during that first schoolyear that my sister Cathy went to spend the night with her friend Peggy Weston a few miles down Happy Valley road from where we lived. Cathy came back and talked of the family she had met and of the grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. Whorton, who had come by. That was a familiar enough name to lead my Mom to call the Westons. It seems my parents had known the Whortons years before in the midwest. And Shirley, through her mother Stella, was a member of the Slaven family – a name I have heard my entire life.

    With kids around the same age – Peggy and Cathy, Greg and me, Rod and Boyd – our two families spent many Friday evenings together playing California Rummy at one house or the other, following the Westons from the house on Happy Valley road to the one above the Fairgrounds. For years we would get together for an Easter picnic on the Whorton’s property out in Garden Valley. There were lots of other events that didn’t fall on a regular schedule as well, such as when my grandmother passed away out of state – the Westons and the Whortons stepped up to take care of my five siblings and me so our parents could travel to the funeral. Also, reunions of one family pretty much automaticaly included the other.

    I left Roseburg in 1975. I came back a couple of years later for a year or so, but didn’t see Shirley and Arnold so much then. I’m not sure I could find the house on Lester Street. Still I was always welcomed – I seem to remember being folded in to Thanksgiving dinner in 1978. Through it all I remember Shirley’s open smile, her ready grin, and her warm sense of humor. Over the years, even when I grew older and more attentive to people’s moods, I don’t ever remember seeing her having a bad day.

  • Maricel & Mark

    in 2007 i moved to roseburg from the philippines, everything was new to me , i have no friends nor aquintances ,one day mark and I decided to go in the church , the church of christ is the second closest church to my home, its only a walking distance..then we went walk in the door and there is shirley ,she was very friendly to us, she was my very first friend here in united states.. i feel so blessed that day that i got to know her.she used to take me anywhere , we used to picked cherries,and walnut.. she taught me how to drive. one day she went with me to practice how to drive, then my gas tank showed up orange and we didnt know what it was meant,then she told me to pulled over by the side of the road, what we didnt know that i was out of gas .. it was funny , were lucky we were park at the very close gas station then we went and get the gas there ,shirley is the best friend i know,, when i got a job i didn’t spent much time with her like we used to, due to a very busy schedule and i feel so bad about it..

    im one of the luckiest person , to know her she have the kindness heart i love her and i will miss her always she is my bestfriend. im sure shes going to heaven , and i know she would watch over me because i talk to her and she told me that she will say hi to jesus for me .
    maricel & mark

  • Judy Knox

    Shirley was a tender soul. When we were neighbors she went with Jason and me to see Bambi. We both cried. Such a precious, loving person. I will never forget her. I am confident she is resting in God’s hands…and saying “hi” to my John. May your memories of her bring joy through the tears and may God comfort you as you adjust to life without her warm, physical presence. I love you all. Judy

  • Denise Weston

    Shirley was not only the best mother-in-law ever, she was also like a second mother to me. Even though we were quite different from one another, she accepted and loved me for who I was. She was a wonderful example to me of the love of Christ for all people. A sweeter and kinder person you will not find. I will miss her deeply and for the rest of my life. I am looking forward to seeing her again on the other side.

  • Kathy Makinson

    Miss you, Mom….